Fundamentals and Technology

You all heard the term..Brace technology, but at the same time you should also embrace the fundamentals. In this musical world of DJing and Producing, when you work with the latest gears on the market, remember to also brace the fundamentals. Because without it we wouldn’t have the dj and producing gears we do today! […]

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Quick Guide to Dynamic, Condenser & Ribbon Microphones

The Dynamic microphone works by electromagnetic induction. They are robust, inexpensive and water resistant. This makes them ideal for onstage use. A small movable coil, positioned in the magnetic field of a permanent magnet, is attached to the to diaphragm. When sound moves through the widescreen of the microphone the sound wave moves the diaphragm. […]

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Deadmau5 at Play De Record

Deadmau5 stopped by Play De Record Academy to give us his opinion on a range of topics.

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Disclosure’s Favourite Record Shop

Disclosure names Play De Record their favourite record shop in this interview with Pitchfork. Favorite Record Shop GL: Play De Record, in Toronto. They’ve got a really good shop and they sell loads of gear—they’ve got a little workshop in the back where they teach kids Ableton, which is wicked. I walked in and started […]

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Drake’s First Turntables

Drake mentions Play De Record at 20:30! Bought his first turntables here!

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SKRATCHER NOW IN TORONTO! Hosted by Canada’s premier Turntablists DJs J-Tec & Dopey (Turntable Monkz) SATURDAY AUGUST 17 (5-7pm) PLAY DE RECORD 375 Yonge St. Toronto, ON M1B 1S1 FEATURING: – LIVE PERFORMANCES BY DJ Grouch (Turnstylez) DJ Dscratch (Turnstylez) DJ Vekked (2012 DMC World Supremacy Champ 2012 IDA World Champ) – Open scratch ciphers […]

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ZUMBA IN THE PARK – Play The Parks with Downtown Yonge and Play De Record

Play The Parks with Downtown Yonge and Play De Record Downtown Yonge BIA is excited to offer the first ever Play the Parks series in our neighborhood. We invite you to step outside at lunch time to recharge, bask in the sun, and enjoy free music and other activities. Dance your way to fitness this […]

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IDA North America Online Scratch Battle

With excitement the IDA has held its first North American DJ Battle which was limited to two things 1.) Scratching 2.) Online Competitors from the USA and Canada stood up to represent the culture of turntablism. Former DMC Champions and the current IDA World Champion in the Technical category from Canada DJ Vekked also competed. […]

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Playderecord “Daft Punk Promo” Giveaway

This month we will pick 3 winners! 1st prize will be our Daft Punk Cardboard cut out. The 2nd and 3rd prize will be the the mask

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How to set up and calibrate your turntable tone arm.

When you get a new record player you may not be aware that there is a proper way to set up its tone arm. Incorrect set up may result in Skipping, Improper recreation of audio data and speedy ware and tare of your favorite record. Here are some youtube videos that can help you refresh […]

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